Unsatisfactory condition of the roads

For many years, the condition of the trunk roads I/65 and I/66 did not fulfil the technical requirements and the travellers' needs. The increasing traffic intensity has been the cause of congestions and numerous casualties frequently occurring on these roads.

Expected results

Safety and environment

The dual carriageway (2+2) of the expressway road R1 PR1BINA ensured the free flow of traffic and provided its customers with increased safety. The new road is mostly lead away from the built-up areas.

Social and economic importance of the project

The construction of the new Expressway is important not only in terms of the road network and the inter-regional transport links, but also in terms of the economic development, reduction of the regional differences, and increase of the attractiveness of the area for the investors, as well as creating new jobs.

History of the project

The mere preparation of the project began in 1993, followed by the validation process. By the decision of the Government of the Slovak republic No. 415 from 09/06/1998, the road "Trnava - Nitra - Žiar nad Hronom - Zvolen - Banská Bystrica" was added to the motorway network of the Slovak republic as the corridor D65. Few years later, on 21/02/2011, the Government of the Slovak republic approved, by its decision No. 162, the "New project for the construction of motorways and expressways", despite the fact that the road I/65 had already been defined as an Expressway forming part of the Expressway network of Slovakia.

The decision No. 704 from the 15/08/2007 was an urgent call from the Government of the Slovak republic to build the selected road infrastructure, including the R1 project. The public/private financing of R1 project was determined by the decision of the Government of the Slovak republic No. 753 from the 5th September 2007. Based on this decision, in December 2007, the Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunications of the Slovak republic, acting as the public authority, announced a public tender for design, construction and financing of the works related to the Expressway Nitra - Tekovské Nemce, Banská Bystrica - northern bypass. The public procurement process lasted one year and resulted in the announcement of the preferred bidder - the consortium lead by the company VINCI Concessions. The Concession agreement was signed on 23 March 2009 between the Slovak republic represented by the Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunications and the winning consortium GRANVIA, a.s., with the stakeholders VINCI Concessions and Meridiam Infrastructure. However, due to the economic crisis, the financial closure of the project was delayed. The concession agreement for this PPP project was successfully concluded on 27/08/2009.

Why the name PR1BINA?

It is natural that history of this region was the main concern at the selection of the name for the expressway road. The name PR1BINA is linking a rich past together with a modern future.