Procedure at submitting the request for the transport of excessive loads

If you intend to transport excessive or oversized loads, on the expressway road R1 PR1BINA, section Nitra, west – Tekovské Nemce, request the necessary permissions for such specific use of roads from the road authorities and at the same time, the confirmation, respectively, the approval of the road administrator, company Granvia Operation, a.s.

Authorization procedure for the specific use of roads for heavy and oversized loads, as well as the administrators procedure and conditions determination (among other provisions), is ruled also by the Methodological regulation of the Ministry of Transport No. 1/2008, mainly, section 4.1 – Defining the requirements of the specific use of roads.

The information of the Road Administrator – the Slovak Road Administration for the transporters of excessive and oversize loads can be found here.

Transporter must contact the company Granvia Operation a.s. with a request for a standpoint of the road administrator for the specific use of the road with excessive and oversized loads.

Conditions for a favourable standpoint of the R1 PR1BINA administrator

Granvia Operation a.s. will issue the approving standpoint if the applicant complies with all the obligations resulting from the Methodological regulation No. 1/2008 issued by the Ministry of Transport.

In terms of the latitude set-up, it is necessary to provide the transport under Act No. 8/2009 Coll., Decree 9/2009 Coll., Act No. 725/2004 Coll. and under regulation No.349/2009 Coll.

The convoy and the accompanying vehicle must be equipped with a functioning outlining and warning device.

We require from the transporter on the transport route to verify in advance whether there are on the route RC R1 PR1BINA any closures and detours, which would prevent the execution of the transportation (free phone No. 0800 333 333).

The transporter must notify provably (by post, e-mail) the operator of the expressway road, company Granvia Operation, a.s., of the exact date of shipment, 3 days prior to the realization, at the latest.

The transporter is obliged to inform on the tel. No. 0800 333 333 of the convoy entering the route, as well as its leaving, i.e. beginning and end of the transport on the section of EW R1 PR1BINA.

In the event of damage caused to the EW R1 PR1BINA (or its parts), the applicant must inform the Traffic Monitoring Centre (0800 333 333) of such event, subsequently remove it or reimburse the costs for its removal. The transportation must be carried out without any damage caused to the road, bridges and their accessories. The loss incurred on the road, bridges and their accessories will be paid by the transporter in full.

Granvia Operation a.s. is not responsible for any differences between the data listed in the application and the actual parameters of the convoy, which could be found during official actions (e.g., weighing, measuring) of the authorized control bodies. In your requests please state the true data and parameters.

In case of the shipment failure within the specified term or if it is carried out with parameters different from the parameters in the request, Granvia Operation a.s. shall submit to the road administrative authority for the motorways and expressway roads, which is the Ministry of Transport, the suggestion of imposing a sanction for the failure to comply with the terms of special use.

If the convoy becomes immobile due to technical failure or accident, the transporter shall secure its towing away within a time limit of 2 hrs 30 min, from the moment of discontinuity of the convoy at his own expense, respectively the convoy will be towed away from EW R1 PR1BINA at his own expense.

The request for standpoint of the road administrator on the proposed route and the determination of transport can be sent to address:

Granvia Operation a.s.

SSÚR Selenec

P.O.Box 19A

Ing. Roman Naď

Assistant of the technician for the planning and property administration

949 01 Nitra

Tel.: 0917 115 089

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.